Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hosks Ambient Half Hour - Episode 1

Welcome those people who dress to the side of Electronic music.

The simple explanation is this podcast is Ambient music + Hosk Comedy = Hoskbient Comsic

This blog is a mix of ambient music which I have found mainly on the fantastic Internet Archive . For those of you who have never heard of Hosk and his half hours then I shall explain.  The Hosks Half Hour is a comedy podcast which has a small smattering of Ambient music, which was done by me and fairly rubbish.  I recently decided I wanted better quality music and started looking and asking people.  This lead me to find lots of great Ambient music with a creative commons license which allows me to use it, HAZAAR.

After searching for the music I thought I would take the songs I liked and make a show with it, putting some of my ramblings over ambient music I liked and also playing the whole songs rather than snippets.  So in this episode you will hear the music of the artists I have found and all the of the talking is me (unless I have borrowed some dialogue from a movie)

lets stop talking and listen to the music

here is a link to Episode 1 of Hosks Ambient Half Hour

below are the artists featured in this episode, I have supplied some links but I would recommend you search the internet archive with the name of the artist and you will be rewarded.   Also if you are an artist and would mind having your music being talked over, please send me a link to the music

my good buddy, his music gets abused in small doses all over the place

Artist - Phillip Wilkerson
Song - 06_Android_Womb

Artist - Altus
album - City of Ashes

Artist - C Gonzalez
Song - addsensor002

Artist - forcemajeure
Song -  orientElectronique

Artist - everyone loves irene
Song  - try try try

if you enjoyed this, you might enjoy Hosks Half Hour -

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